Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Alphas Anthology

The Alpha's: The Blood Bar Chronicles, Book 1 by The Breathless Press authors


Word Count: 43,400
Heat Level: Smoky
Genre: Paranormal, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Breathless Press

When the Wicked Ladies of Fiction meet up in a Scottish bar they don’t expect a night filled with danger, lust and hot supernatural men…
Perfect Timing by Arya Grey

David Malm had given up on love, but on a trip through time he meets Josie. She reignites a lost fire in his soul.

Josie McNair may be all fire on the outside, but her lack of self-confidence has her insides twisted over meeting her writing group. She begins to realize there are more creatures in the world than she first suspected and finds herself thrown into a life where time has no meaning.

Time-traveling peace-keeper David Malm could never believe in love again. When Henri instructed him in 3042 to look in at the Blood Bar on this particular night in 2011, he didn't envision it turning into a supernatural disaster, let alone be in the throws of passion with a beautiful stranger. Josie reignited something in him he'd thought he'd lost forever, and he would do anything to keep her safe.
Alpha’s Vixen by Cherie Nicholls

From IT geek to Mystical Beacon in one night; not the usual WLF meeting it has to be said.

Dora "Dizzy" Williamson is a busy lady, but she finally makes time to meet some of her writing group in a new bar. Surely a couple of hours with the ladies wouldn't be too bad, right?

Xander de Rista is CEO and alpha to his pack, so being drawn to a new bar that prickled his fur doesn't sit too well with him. Tonight feels different; there are too many supernaturals in one place, but one human stands out to him. One he intends to claim and protect, because hell isn't just breaking loose, it is coming to town.
Saving Hope by Doris O’Connor

Fate cannot be denied. When an ancient vampire finds time catching up with him, can he protect the only woman capable of thawing his heart?

Noelle has only one thing on her mind: how to save her sick daughter from a mysterious illness. A night out with the girls ought to be a distraction, but it turns out to change her life forever.

Fate is not something Henri, a two-thousand-year-old vampire, takes lightly. When he steps into the bar teeming with supernaturals, there is only one scent he finds—Noelle, the one woman he’d never forgotten—and she holds a secret that could cause a war. With time finally ticking in his ear, there is only one decision he can make—he has to protect her or die trying.
In Her Element by Jorja Lovett

When quiet Ana Chapman meets Fire Elemental, Zanaan, at the Blood Bar, a night of hot sex makes her realize just what she's been missing.

For the first time in her life, Ana Chapman is ready for a little excitement. Escaping her mother's tyranny in Belfast for one weekend in Edinburgh to meet her online writers' group seems more than enough to cope with. But her visit to the Blood Bar changes everything. Spontaneous public orgasms, supernatural beings, and teleportation weren't on her agenda for the trip. Neither was losing her virginity.

Zanaan is a Fire Elemental, who most humans can't see. When the shy Irish lass locks eyes with him in the bar, he's drawn to her, and this time it isn't the Salamander legend spurring his chase to bed a mortal. After a night of passion with Ana, he feels the effects immediately—he's losing his powers and becoming human. It's what he always wanted. Isn't it?


The Blood Bar Chronicles: The Alphas is a tale of friends: Ana, Noelle, Dizzy, Josie, Arielle and Kyla. Members of the Wicked Ladies of Fiction, a group of erotic novelists based in the UK, the women decide to meet up for a night on the town. Little do they know that they’re about to become enmeshed in a series of sexy, supernatural adventures.

Ana, the newest member of the group, meets a fiery Fire Elemental who calls himself Zane and soon, sparks begin to fly. Dizzy hooks up with a hot, horny shifter by the name of Xander, while Josie’s life literally spins out of control due to David’s time-traveling proclivity. Each of the women rally around to help their friend Noelle, a young mother whose six-year old daughter’s life hangs in the balance. Doctors are baffled by her sensitivity to light and the rare qualities in her blood. That is, until the true identity of the child’s father is revealed.

The concept of The Blood Bar is interesting – one of a supernatural portal where humans and otherwordlings mix and mingle. I liked how the storylines of all four authors (Jorja Lovett, Cherie Nicholls, Doris O’Connor, and Arya Grey) intertwined. In particular, I thought Ms. O’Connor’s depiction of Noelle, the forlorn lover left alone with a child to rear was both believable and compelling. However, at times the dialogue in the other tales seemed a bit stilted.

The Blood Bar Chronicles was a wild ride that’d I’d be obliged to recommend to fans of vampires and shape shifters alike.


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