Monday, April 30, 2012

Deaf Isn't Dumb by Tara Chevrestt

Death Isn't Dumb by Tara Chevrestt

Heat Rating: Innocent
Word Count: 30,391
Genre: Nonfiction, Memoir
Publisher: Breathless Press

You're stupid. You're retarded. You shouldn't have this job. These words lit a fire of determination in one deaf woman who set out to prove to the aviation world…and the world in general that deaf isn't dumb.

Deaf Isn't Dumb is a motivational story of a young woman, Tara, who faces the challenges of growing up "hearing impaired" in a hearing world. Follow her as she recounts everything from childhood bullies to work related restrictions, and funny misunderstandings from mispronounced words to fear of Federal Air Marshals. In this tale, straight from the heart, learn that simply because one is deaf—contrary to popular misconception—it doesn't mean they are dumb.


After reading the blurb for 'Deaf Isn't Dumb' I was quite interested in taking a look at Tara's story. Having grown up with a relative who was deaf, experiencing auditory and speech issues when I was younger and ear problems still as an adult, I related to some of the stories Tara had faced in her life, especially when it came to the childhood incidents: the operation and her reactions, the teasing by other children, the lack of peer respect and friendships. There were times I was moved and wanted to reach through the pages to give her a hug and others where I wanted to reach through and ask the people she had to deal with–like the gray-haired man in the men's store where she tried to work and Rat Bastard at another job–how they could treat anyone the way they did. She infused just enough humor into her recounting to make the serious subject of being deaf in a hearing world approachable and, aside from a few minor stylistic/editing choices, a very easy read.

'Deaf Isn't Dumb' was an enjoyable, inspirational memoir that teaches one to be more aware of who they're dealing with, that obstacles can be overcome and nothing/no one should get in the way of reaching one's dreams. Thank you, Tara, for taking a stand in your life and sharing your story with the world.


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  1. I have this earmarked to read, and now It has just moved up the list. this sounds a 'must read' for every person! Read, and learn!